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Shawn Einck

Founder and CEO 

Life-Skills Empowerment Group   

Caroline is the real deal! She follows through with timelines and communicates when items change. Not only is Caroline skilled at what she does technically, she offers suggestions, is patient when working through challenges, and shows an incredible level of genuineness and interest in the  project. She goes above and beyond what is originally asked and is always available when the  overall picture gets changed. I would hire Caroline in a heartbeat for my next project! I suggest you consider the same.


Carey Carback, Senior Training Manager

Intradiem, Global Company

Caroline’s focus on her projects is inspiring.  She is designing the new hire sales training program for our company. Her ability to learn quickly, and to be  fexible while still meeting deadlines has been a top priority. I love her creativity, especially when she finds unique ways to make dull, dry topics come to life. Her knowledge of so many “tools of the trade” have given us more design options along the way, including incorporating video, animation, infographics, and interactivity. She’s dedicated to producing a quality product giving our sales team a positive learning experience.​ 

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Karina Simoni - Avagyan

Technical Instructional Designer 

Intradiem, Global Company   

Caroline and I worked on the same projects at Intradiem. I really enjoyed working with her as she brings such a positive vibe to every meeting and every course she makes. I struggle with making my courses fun so I really learned a lot from her in how to bring boring topics to life. She’s cognizant of the learner’s experience and strives to make it positive and intuitive. She also has a great eye for detail and works well with anyone she meets.

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Lizette Foley

Director of Instructional Technology

St. Thomas Aquinas H.S.,

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Caroline is an exceptional leader with vision.  She leads by example and encounters challenges with superb problem-solving skills and a quiet grace. This is the kind of leader you want to represent your company in tough situations. She is dedicated and committed and steers her team towards completing goals on time. She is versatile and would fit in seamlessly in any organization.

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Fer Wilhelm

Teacher & Department Head

St. Jerome School,

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Mrs. Roberts is an outstanding, innovative, and  inspiring leader. She has trained so many educators over the years on best practices. As reaccreditation chair, Caroline effectively led the faculty in the process and was instrumental in data collection and analysis as well as writing. One of the best and most hard-working leaders I have ever met and worked for in my career!

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Kristen Hoss, Director of Youth Environmental Alliance

Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I strongly recommend Caroline Roberts as an instructional designer and leader in education. 

As an instructional designer for my organization, Youth Environmental Alliance, Caroline created a comprehensive unique scenario-based training using Articulate Storyline and Vyond to help us recruit more volunteers of all ages as well as financial supporters.  Our board loves this engaging and fun training which we will use in multiple ways including: to obtain grants, to train virtually and in-person and as a pre and post-test for students who learn about this subject matter in school and then utilize their new KSAs in the field.  Her work was unique, fun, educational and exceeded our expectations!  Not only was she easy to work with,  Caroline researched the subject matter thoroughly and she was an integral part of the entire process. She is proactive, always  professional, a team player as well as independent, a great listener, creative, meticulous, offered solutions, and timely.  Caroline is a talented and seasoned educator who brings so much to the table and with her diverse background in education, offers a variety of perspectives and insights into various learning modes, styles of education and student abilities.    

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